This is a nice high quality bag. Great for shopping and holding lots of items. I would say this was definitely a great value for the price.


Another great bag from KOSMOS!!! this time a waterproof one- it’s just perfect for me and UK weather! it’s not only beautiful and great quality but also big enough to put loads of things when going out with two young boys 😉 and a bottle pocket it’s just something I really need! thank you so much KOSMOS! you’re the best!!!


Torba jest idealna!!! Uwielbiam ją i z pewnością nie będzie to moja ostatnia, już zastanawiam się nad kolejną 🙂 Obsługa klienta jest świetna! Dziękuję bardzo!!!


This bag is incredible! Has features I wasn’t even expecting! So versatile and so well made. I simply LOVE it!


I have worn this bag ever since it arrived with a speedy delivery and a cute little motto that makes you smile. Bag is amazing, huge but does not feel huge, its very comfortable to wear. I can fit in everything in there so I don’t have to carry two handbags with me anymore which I never liked. I use it for work (laptop, office stuff) as well as when going away for the weekend. It has two zipped pockets inside so your key items won’t get lost in this spacious bag. I can imagine that parents taking kids for day adventures would love this one too, fitting in extra clothing and diapers etc. Great bag!


OMG! I love this bag and cool designed pockets inside. It is the perfect size, so big but still so comfortable and the colors – so joyful. This item made my day. It is so gorgeous and the product was worth the price tag. My bag also came in earlier than I thought and that was an added bonus.


Torby są rewelacyjne! Jestem zachwycona, również obsługą klienta! Życzę dużo sukcesów! Jestem uradowana!


Super przestronna, solidna, idealna torba. Świetny sprzedawca, profesjonalna obsługa, indywidualne dopasowanie rozmiarów, szybka realizacja. Jestem bardzo usatysfakcjonowana i polecam markę KOSMOS.


Rewelacyjna torba, polecam każdemu!!!