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Gray oversized waterproof bag

46.31$ 32.61$

Highlight your  look with this oversized bag!

Let me presenet you this oversized vintage bag ideal for rainy days. It’s not only fashionable, but also very practical. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

What’s inside this vintage bag?

The trendy bag is really spacious, so you can take with you as many things as you want and be always prepared for any unexpected situation. You can also organize your belongings by using a key ring or a key leash and if it’s not enough for you, ask me and I’ll provide some additions, like a zip pocket or a 3-pocket organizer or an additional pocket for a bottle.

Be prepared for rainy days!

Enjoy wearing this swag bag on rainy days and keep your things safe with this durable and strong bag. Oh, and one last thing… I know that women usually prefer wearing oversized bags more than the men, but it’s also totally cool for guys to wear them, so boys – don’t be afraid to highlight your vintage look too!


  • colour: gray
  • fleece colour: black
  • composition: polyester, cotton, elanocotton 
  • measurments: 55 cm x 50 cm
  • handle length: 60 cm
  • basic version: key ring, key leash
  • possible additions: zip pocket, 3-pocket organizer, pocket for bottle or thermal mug
  • maintenance: you can wash and iron the bag
  • delivery time: up to 4 working days